IHG and Mr. & Mrs. Smith Partnership is Officially Over

by | Jun 9, 2023

It’s official: IHG has announced the end of their partnership with Mr. & Mrs. Smith following Hyatt’s acquisition of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. That means IHG One Rewards members lose to over 1,500 luxury properties worldwide as Hyatt prepares to integrate the portfolio into World of Hyatt.

While it’s bad news for IHG members, the good news is that if you have an existing booking, it’ll be honored.

IHG Announces End of Mr. & Mrs. Smith Partnership

Effective today, the “exclusive partnership” between IHG and Mr. & Mrs. Smith that allowed IHG One Rewards members to earn and redeem points at Mr. & Mrs. Smith properties has been discontinued.

This isn’t surprising news: The writing has been on the wall for this one since Hyatt completed its acquisition of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Practically, what this means is that as of today, IHG One Rewards members can no longer book stays at Mr. & Mrs. Smith properties through IHG’s platform. However, the good news is that existing reservations will be honored. Members will still earn points and qualifying nights for these bookings.

Our partnership with Mr & Mrs Smith is coming to an end.​

We are no longer accepting bookings for stays at Mr & Mrs Smith properties. If you already have an upcoming reservation confirmed, your booking will not be affected and you will still be eligible to earn points on the stay. You can review and manage your reservation in your IHG One Rewards account and on the IHG One Rewards app.​

IHG announcement
Coqui Coqui Coba -
IHG One Rewards members will no longer be able to book luxury Mr. & Mrs. Smith getaways like the Coqui Coqui Coba in Mexico using IHG points

The IHG One Rewards/Mr. & Mrs. Smith Partnership

Launched in 2020, the collaboration between IHG and Mr. & Mrs. Smith was aimed to provide IHG members with access to more luxury properties worldwide. Through the partnership, IHG One Rewards members were able to earn points when booking Mr. & Mrs. Smith hotels via IHG channels and redeem points for stays at these properties.

To earn points, bookings needed to be made directly with IHG which often meant a higher cost than booking directly. Despite that, the partnership didn’t deliver significant benefits to loyalty program members. Elite benefits were not honored at Mr. & Mrs. Smith properties.

Hyatt’s Plans for Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Now that Hyatt has acquired Mr. & Mrs. Smith, we have to wait and see how the 1500 properties will be integrated into Hyatt booking channels and World of Hyatt. Hyatt has promised that information will be available soon on how members will be able to book stays and redemptions at the hotels.

Given Hyatt’s partnership with Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH), it stands to reason that integration of Mr. & Mrs. Smith properties will follow a similar pattern. But until it’s officially announced, it’s unclear whether elite benefits will be honored or whether the properties will be bookable categories or through a fixed point value.

Mr. Mrs. Smith Hamptons -
The Mr. & Mrs. Smith acquisition will give World of Hyatt a presence in the Hamptons for the first time

Bottom Line

IHG’s loss is Hyatt’s gain as Mr. & Mrs. Smith leaves IHG One Rewards in preparation for integration into World of Hyatt. With over 1500 hotels including in 20 countries where Hyatt has no presence, the acquisition has the potential to open up exciting opportunities for World of Hyatt.

What are your thoughts on the termination of IHG’s partnership with Mr. & Mrs. Smith? Are you excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for World of Hyatt members? Share your opinions in the comments section below or check out these related articles for more information on this topic.

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