Virgin Atlantic Will Join SkyTeam on March 2, 2023

by | Feb 9, 2023

Virgin Atlantic has officially confirmed that it will be joining SkyTeam on March 2, 2023. This is the first new airline to join SkyTeam since 2014 (unless you count Alitalia’s successor, ITA Airways) and gives the alliance a presence in the UK.

Virgin Atlantic elite frequent flyers will get reciprocal earning and recognition across SkyTeam and other SkyTeam elites will now get benefits on Virgin Atlantic.

Virgin Atlantic Sets March 2, 2023 as Date for Joining SkyTeam

On March 2, 2023, Virgin Atlantic will become the first UK member of the SkyTeam alliance, and frequent flyers will have a lot to look forward to. With its many long-haul flights from its London Heathrow hub, Virgin Atlantic has much to offer the alliance and its members. This news was first reported by The Points Guy.

SkyTeam will provide new opportunities for the airline and its Flying Club frequent flyers.

This marks the first growth for SkyTeam since 2017. Since then, the only airline it’s been able to add has been ITA Airways which is, essentially, a rebranded Alitalia. That integration is still ongoing with a chance that ITA might abandon SkyTeam for Star Alliance if Lufthansa’s bid for the airline is successful.

For now, though, SkyTeam has 18 member airlines, including powerhouse Delta Air Lines, Air France-KLM, and others. In fact, Virgin Atlantic is already a part of a transatlantic joint venture with its new alliance partners.

How will Virgin Atlantic Joining SkyTeam Affect Flyers?

Virgin Atlantic is joining SkyTeam to power up the alliance with its marquee brand and marketing muscle, as well as to launch new routes in collaboration with airlines in the alliance. In addition, the move will enable Virgin’s Flying Club members to enjoy the benefits of the alliance, such as lounge access and fast-track security lanes.

Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club Silver members will line up with SkyTeam Elite members, while Flying Club Gold members will be equivalent to SkyTeam Elite Plus members. The top tiers of current SkyTeam airlines will also have access to Virgin Clubhouses, though the flagship Clubhouse at Heathrow Terminal 3 will be exempt from this arrangement.

Bottom line

Virgin Atlantic has officially confirmed it will join SkyTeam on March 2, 2023 marking a significant move for the airline and its passengers. With the alliance, Virgin Atlantic will launch new routes and collaborations. Elite Virgin Atlantic Flying Club members will receive lounge access, fast-track security lanes, and other reciprocal benefits across the alliance. This is the first real growth for SkyTeam since 2014.

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