Rancho Pescadero Closes Pending Independent Investigation By Hyatt

by | Jun 22, 2023

Following the death of two Americans due to carbon monoxide poisoning and allegations of wrongdoing by hotel management, Hyatt has shut down Rancho Pescadero pending the completion of an independent, third-party investigation.

Hyatt Shuts Down Rancho Pescadero After Guest Deaths

Hyatt has confirmed in a statement to ABC 7 that Rancho Pescadero has been shut down pending the results of an “extensive independent investigation of the incident, led by a third party” while expressing its deepest condolences to the families of the victims and assured that they are cooperating fully with the authorities.

“On behalf of the entire Rancho Pescadero team, we are deeply saddened by this tragedy and committed to caring for all those affected with understanding and compassion. The hotel promptly decided to suspend normal operations. While we wait for authorities to release their findings, together with the hotel’s owners, Hyatt is conducting an extensive independent investigation of the incident, led by a third party. Our top priority is the safety and wellbeing of guests and colleagues and the property will not resume normal operations until our investigation is complete. Local authorities have not yet released the findings of their ongoing investigation, which Hyatt and the hotel’s owners continue to fully cooperate with.”

Hyatt Statement to ABC 7

The decision follows the tragic death of an American couple due to what’s increasingly seeming like negligence by the local hotel management in Mexico.

The two American tourists, Abby Lutz, 28, and John Heathco, 41, were found lifeless in their hotel room. Initial reports suggest the cause of death to be carbon monoxide poisoning, a claim that has since been confirmed by local authorities.

Since the incident, increasing information has been revealed suggesting that local hotel management and staff were aware of the issues at the property.

Meanwhile, a travel advisor reported shocking behavior from the General Manager of Rancho Pescadero on Flyer Talk when she grew concerned about her clients’ safety and reached out to the property. The GM allegedly made inappropriate sent images in poor taste to the travel advisor, in poor taste, especially given her arguable culpability in the death of guests.

Moreover, a criminal investigation has been launched by the local State Attorney General, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya. He is working to identify the source of the carbon monoxide leak and to determine who should be held criminally liable following the incident.

Travel Safety in Mexico

This incident at Rancho Pescadero is not an isolated event. It comes amidst growing concerns about the safety of travelers in Mexico, with several incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning reported in recent years, even in luxury accommodations.

Carbon monoxide poisoning has been a recurring issue. Recent examples include two Americans who died in a Playa del Carmen gas explosion, three Americans found dead in their Mexico City Airbnb last October, and a family of four from Iowa meeting a similar fate in Tulum.

Beyond poisoning, travelers face other risks. A chilling video surfaced recently, showing American tourists in Cancun being accosted by armed cartel members. Cancun and Tulum, once peaceful tourist havens, are now caught in a web of cartel violence.

In response to these escalating risks, the U.S. State Department has issued an advisory urging Americans to exercise “increased caution” when visiting many parts of Mexico.

Bottom Line

Hyatt has shut down Rancho Pescadero Hotel following the tragic death of two American tourists due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The incident has led to allegations of negligence by the hotel management, prompting Hyatt to launch an independent, third-party investigation into the matter. The hotel will remain closed until the investigation is complete, with Hyatt expressing its deepest condolences to the victims’ families and assuring full cooperation with the authorities. This incident is just the latest to raise concerns about the safety of travelers in Mexico, particularly regarding carbon monoxide poisoning, have been growing in recent years.

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