Introducing European Sleeper: The New Night Train Experience from Brussels to Berlin

by | Jan 19, 2023

Are you looking for a new way to travel between Brussels, Amsterdam, and Berlin? Then look no further! There’s a new sleeper train offering to let you relax your way between these popular European cities on your next holiday.

European Sleeper Night Train Launching

European Sleeper, the new private Dutch-Belgian railway company, will launch a new route starting in Brussels, Amsterdam, and Berlin in May 2023. That’s great news if you prefer a night train and waking up in a new city to the hassle of getting to an airport, navigating security, and flying between cities on holidays.

Founded by two entrepreneurs who say they are motivated by a passion for night trains, European Sleeper was created to offer an alternative to the traditional day train and air travel options.

Elmer van Buuren and Chris Engelsman, the founders of European Sleeper, say they have always been fascinated by the night train and wanted to bring this experience to more people. They saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the night train network in Europe and decided to make it happen.

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“The introduction of this service is an important first step in building a more extensive network of night trains from Belgium and the Netherlands. In recent months, the availability of night train carriages has proven the greatest challenge. The service between Brussels and Berlin will start with hired carriages but European Sleeper will soon be investing in its own carriages with even more comfort, a modern feel, and more privacy options.”

Chris Engelsman, Founder, European Sleeper
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Booking the European Sleeper and Pricing

Travelers can expect to pay competitive prices for this new night train service. Seats will start at €49, couchettes at €79, and private sleepers at €109. Ticket sales will begin on February 20, 2023. For more updates on this exciting journey, visit their official website: European Sleeper.

European Sleeper Advantages

Not only will European Sleeper offer an eco-friendly alternative to flying, but it will also save travelers valuable daytime hours. You’ll board the train in the evening and wake up refreshed in a whole new city, or at least, that’s the pitch.

The trains will feature various accommodation options, including reclining seats and private sleeping cabins with comfortable amenities like high-quality bedding, private bathrooms, and onboard dining options. All passengers are promised an onboard breakfast on the train.

While it will begin using rolling stock owned by other companies, the company plans to invest in its own carriages. Once it does so, it promises even more comfort and privacy options, such as soundproofing, temperature control, and onboard entertainment systems.

European Sleeper Schedules

The trains will run three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, departing from Brussels at 7:22 PM and arriving in Berlin at 6:48 AM the following morning. On the return leg, trains will depart from Berlin at 10:56 PM on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, arriving in Brussels at 9:27 AM.

Future Plans

While the company will launch with these three European capitals, it plans to extend the service to Dresden and Prague by December 2023.

European Sleeper is also in talks with Eurostar to offer tickets from London to Berlin, making travel between these cities even more convenient. The company’s founders, Elmer van Buuren and Chris Engelsman are enthusiastic about the potential for a night train renaissance in Europe and optimistic for the future. The company plans to expand its services and grow Europe’s night train travel network so it’s a more viable option for travelers.

Bottom Line

European Sleeper will launch sleeper night trains promising a unique and comfortable travel experience for those looking to explore Brussels, Amsterdam, and Berlin. With competitive pricing, comfortable amenities, and convenient departure and arrival times, this new night train service will certainly be a hit among night train enthusiasts. If you’re interested, tickets will be available starting February 20, 2023.

The company says this night train service is just its first step as it works to bring back the glory days of European night train travel when a network crisscrossed the continent. Let’s hope they’re able to deliver!

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Samanta Vaivade is Travel Spill's social media editor. A digital marketing expert, she's a graduate of the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and a native of Riga, Latvia. Samanta is fluent in English, Latvian, Russian, and Spanish.

Samanta Vaivade is Travel Spill's social media editor. A digital marketing expert, she's a graduate of the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and a native of Riga, Latvia. Samanta is fluent in English, Latvian, Russian, and Spanish.
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