Sip and Work: The Top 10 Laptop-Friendly Cafes in Amsterdam

by | Jan 18, 2023

Amsterdam is known for its cafe culture, and not just their famous ‘coffee’ shops! It’s increasingly become a hub for digital nomads and other remote workers, and that trend only accelerated during the pandemic. But if you’re a remote worker who can work from anywhere, what’s better than working from home? If you answered “a cozy cafe!” then we’re singing from the same hymn sheet.

Unfortunately, many cafes in Amsterdam turn their noses up at customers who want to whip their laptops out and get some work done while sipping a well-crafted flat white. Not to worry, we’ve put together this list of the top laptop-friendly cafes in Amsterdam. You’re sure to find one here that hits your sweet spot without worrying about a judgy barista telling you to put your laptop away.


Binnen Dommersstraat 15, 1013 HK

This cozy cafe in Amsterdam has an industrial aesthetic and serves fantastic coffee and homemade banana bread. The interior is perfect for a quick coffee break or meeting with friends. That’s part of what makes Toki a top option for locals and itinerant digital nomads.

  • Cozy, industrial aesthetic
  • Serves fantastic coffee and homemade banana bread
  • Ideal for quick coffee breaks or meetings
Toki Amsterdam laptop-friendly cafe


A modern, minimalistic cafe, Uncommon offers a Scandinavian vibe and offers delicious coffee, cinnamon buns, and food. If you visit this cafe, you’ll find lots of influencers and wannabes taking photos for Instagram, and is an ideal spot for remote workers looking for a visually pleasing environment. But if you want to work here, be sure to set up camp here early to beat the crowd since seating is at a premium.

  • Modern, minimalistic design with a Scandinavian vibe
  • Offers delicious coffee, cinnamon buns, and food
  • Super Instagrammable
Uncommon Amsterdam laptop-friendly cafe

De Koffieschenkerij

Oudekerksplein 27, 1012 GX

Located in a former church compound at Oude Kerk, De Koffieschenkerij is a cozy and welcoming cafe offers both vegan and non-vegan treats. The interior is charming and the garden terrace is a great spot to work from during the warmer months.

  • Located in a former church compound at Oude Kerk
  • Cozy and welcoming interior, garden terrace
  • Offers both vegan and non-vegan treats
De Koffieschenkerij Amsterdam laptop-friendly cafe

Coffee & Coconuts

Ceintuurbaan 282, 1072 GK

Coffee & Coconuts is a bohemian cafe is built in an old theatre and offers tropical island vibes and great food. While it is only laptop-friendly on the ground floor, it’s a great spot for a change of scenery and a delicious brunch.

  • Bohemian cafe built in an old theatre
  • Offers tropical island vibes and great food including vegan and vegetarian options
Coffee & Coconuts Amsterdam laptop-friendly cafe


Wibautstraat 196, 1091 GS

Baarsjesweg 188, 1057 HR

Maassluisstraat 243, 1062 GA

Benji’s is an all-day brunch, coffee, and cocktails spot with various locations in Amsterdam, is an ideal spot for remote workers looking for a relaxing, green atmosphere to work from.

  • All-day brunch, coffee, and cocktails
  • Relaxing, green atmosphere
Benji’s Amsterdam laptop-friendly cafe

Kaldi Koffie

Herengracht 300, 1016 CD

Utrechtsestraat 129, 1017 VM

This local favorite has two locations and has a shop for coffee beans, chocolates, and accessories, making it a great spot for coffee lovers and remote workers. The Herengracht location is in the beating heart of Amsterdam, just one canal away from the popular hotels like the Andaz.

  • Local favorite in the heart of the 9 streets
  • Offers a shop for coffee beans, chocolates, and accessories
Kaldi Koffie Amsterdam laptop-friendly cafe

Luuk’s Coffee

Westerstraat 3, 1015 LT

This quaint and charming cafe offers delicious coffee and sweet treats, and it’s quite small with limited seating and a one-page website to match. But it offers a few window-view seats where you can enjoy your coffee while working on your laptop with an unmatched view of Amsterdam.

  • Quaint and charming with delicious coffee and sweet treats
  • Limited seating but offers window-view seats
Luuk’s Coffee Amsterdam laptop-friendly cafe

Bocca Coffee

Kerkstraat 96H, 1017 GP

A specialty coffee roaster that offers the perfect environment for those looking to enjoy a great cup of coffee while working. Bocca offers a wide range of coffee options, all made with beans that are sourced sustainably and responsibly.

  • Cozy and comfortable atmosphere with a variety of seating options, including tables, chairs, and comfortable lounges
  • Good wifi and lots of outlets
  • Spacious and minimalistic interior design
Bocca Coffee Amsterdam laptop-friendly cafe


Haarlemmerdijk 138, 1013 JJ

Venu is technically not a cafe, it’s a coworking space. That said, if you’re looking for a place to really get down and dirty into your work, this might be worth looking at. Don’t let the fact that it’s a coworking place, not a cafe fool you. The baristas at Venu can serve up some seriously fantastic coffee drinks. Note that if you don’t book access to the coworking area, you’ll only be able to grab your coffee in the lobby.

  • A coworking space with great coffee drinks giving it a cafe feel
  • Created for work so absolutely no judgement for being on your laptop — it’s expected
Venu Amsterdam laptop-friendly cafe


Andreas Bonnstraat 2, 1091 AX

YUSU is a trendy and modern café with a minimalist design and industrial-chic aesthetic. It’s a popular spot for both locals and tourists to work from while drinking delicious coffee made from high-quality beans. YUSU also has a selection of teas, chocolates, and pastries. YUSU features a comfortable seating area, with tables, chairs, and comfortable lounges, all with access to power outlets and wifi, making it a great spot to work.

  • Minimalist, industrial-chic aesthetic with comfortable seating and access to power outlets
  • Unique atmosphere with coffee drinks, teas, chocolates and pastries
Yusu Amsterdam laptop-friendly cafe

Bottom line

These cafes offer the perfect blend of atmosphere, amenities, and great food to boost productivity while working remotely. Whether you’re in need of a quick break while continuing to grind or a full-work session, be sure to check out these laptop-friendly cafes next time you find yourself in Amsterdam.

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