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by | Jun 13, 2023

The 2023 Formula 1 season is in full swing. If you’re a Formula 1 fan who grew up watching Michael Schumacher race with the Scuderia Ferrari and loved the drama as Lewis Hamilton won seven titles, you might be a little bored watching as Max Verstappen seems to ride his Red Bull to a virtually uncontested championship. There might have been more drama in the race for Global Airline Partner (Qatar Airways won).

With virtually no drama at the front of the grid this year, we thought it’d be fun to think about which vacation destinations fit every Formula 1. Presented in the order of the F1 opening credits, we bring you, the 2023 Formula 1 grid as holiday destinations. Luckily for all of us and the drivers, you can fly F1 Global Airline Partner Qatar Airways to all of them.

Logan Sargeant: Rio de Janeiro

Logan Sargeant is Rio de Janeiro because the city’s vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and lively samba rhythms could provide an exciting change of pace for this American driver. Rio is a city that thrives on passion and energy, qualities Logan brings to each race.

Oscar Piastri: Lake Como

Oscar Piastri is Lake Como because the serene beauty of this Italian lake mirrors Piastri’s calmness under pressure. A tranquil retreat for a driver who sails smoothly through the chaos of F1.

Nico Hulkenberg: Barcelona

Nico Hulkenberg is Barcelona because the city’s rich culture, iconic architecture, and party culture mirror Hulkenberg’s depth of experience and his ability to leave a lasting impression.

Nyck de Vries: Maldives

Nyck de Vries is the Maldives because with his uncertain future in F1, it’s fitting that he should visit this beautiful destination that’s also facing an uncertain future due to climate change. Like the Maldives, every moment in F1 is to be treasured — especially when you’re being thoroughly outcompeted by your teammate.

Alex Albon: New York City

Alex Albon is New York City because the city’s fast-paced, vibrant life mirrors Albon’s lively personality and quick reflexes on the track. It’s a city that never sleeps, just like Albon’s tireless pursuit of speed.

Zhou Guanyu: Marrakech

Zhou Guanyu is Marrakech because the city’s blend of traditional and modern aspects parallels Zhou’s journey as a driver bridging the gap between ancient motorsport traditions and the new age of F1. Marrakech’s vibrant culture and Zhou’s pioneering spirit are a perfect match.

Yuki Tsunoda: Saint-Tropez

Yuki Tsunoda is Saint-Tropez because given Tsunoda’s love for France, thanks to his French grid BFF Pierre Gasly, the glamour and relaxation of Saint-Tropez could offer the perfect getaway. It’s a destination as charming and vibrant as Yuki himself.

Lance Stroll: Sydney

Lance Stroll is Sydney because the Australian city’s stunning harbor, vibrant lifestyle, and beach culture align with Stroll’s adventurous spirit and dynamic on-track style. Sydney is a city that thrives on variety, much like Lance’s versatile driving.

Pierre Gasly: Tokyo

Pierre Gasly is Tokyo because the city’s blend of traditional and futuristic vibes matches Pierre’s driving style, blending classic skills with innovative tactics. Plus, don’t forget about the Yuki factor. With them no longer being teammates, Tokyo gives him some time for quality time with his former teammate to keep their grid BFF relationship going.

Kevin Magnussen: Ibiza

Kevin Magnussen is Ibiza because the island’s lively nightlife and beautiful beaches capture Magnussen’s high energy and adventurous spirit. Ibiza is a place where the party never stops, just like Magnussen’s relentless pursuit on the track.

Valtteri Bottas: Iceland

Valtteri Bottas is Iceland because the country’s rugged beauty and tranquil landscapes reflect Bottas’s cool demeanor and love for nature. Iceland, with its adventure-filled landscapes and serene atmosphere, aligns perfectly with Bottas’s steady driving and adventurous spirit. Plus, where better to take another photo for Lewis? 🍑

Fernando Alonso: Athens

Fernando Alonso is Athens because they both have a strong exterior and are globally revered, ancient, and making a comeback, maybe. The parallels between Alonso and Athens are uncanny, making it the perfect match for the seasoned driver.

Esteban Ocon: Amalfi Coast

Esteban Ocon is the Amalfi Coast because this picturesque Italian getaway reflects Ocon’s smooth driving style and his appreciation for the finer things in life. It’s all about taking in the view, maybe in one of Positano’s perfect rooftops, just like Esteban does on every corner?

Lando Norris: The Algarve

Lando Norris is Algarve, Portugal because the region’s stunning golf courses and beautiful coastlines offer the perfect mix for Lando. The Algarve is a place where precision on the golf course meets relaxation by the sea, aligning with Norris’s precise driving style and his laid-back personality off-track.

Lewis Hamilton: Milan

Lewis Hamilton is Milan because as a fashion-forward individual who’s not afraid to push boundaries, Hamilton fits right into the Italian fashion capital. His stylish persona and Milan’s chic reputation are a perfect match. Maybe we’ll spot Lewis at one of Milan’s rooftops?

Carlos Sainz: Tulum

Carlos Sainz is Tulum because this Mexican haven of relaxation and ancient culture mirrors Sainz’s cool-headedness on the track and his deep connection to his roots.

George Russell: The Hamptons

George Russell is the Hamptons because known for its sophistication and relaxed vibe, it mirrors Russell’s graceful driving and composed demeanor. A place to unwind, just like George does when he’s weaving through the track, and we hear The Surf Lodge is ready to host him.

Sergio Perez: Las Vegas

Sergio Perez is Las Vegas because, after his Monaco Grand Prix afterparty shenanigans last year, it’s clear that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is the best motto for Sergio when he’s on holiday.

Charles Leclerc: Los Angeles

Charles Leclerc is Los Angeles because LA’s blend of glamour and chilled vibes aligns with Leclerc’s polished driving style and easy-going persona. Plus, who can resist the allure of Hollywood’s shimmering lights?

Max Verstappen: Miami

Max Verstappen is Miami because the pulsing heart of Florida, known for its vibrant nightlife, aligns with the reigning world champion’s intense and fiery spirit on the track. Miami’s energy mirrors Verstappen’s unstoppable drive in F1, it’s a perfect match.

Bottom Line

With the 2023 Formula 1 season looking like it’s headed to an easy victory for Max Verstappen and Red Bull, we’ve looked ahead to the summer break by analyzing each driver on the grid and associating them with a holiday destination that reflects their personality and driving style. From Logan Sargeant’s vibrant energy matching Rio de Janeiro’s lively culture to Max Verstappen’s intense spirit resonating with Miami’s vibrant nightlife, the piece offers an intriguing blend of motorsport and travel. The destinations range from bustling cities like New York City and Milan to serene retreats like Lake Como and the Maldives, the destinations we’ve picked mirror the diversity of the drivers’ styles and personalities.

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