SkyBonus: Complete Guide To The Business Rewards Program from Delta Air Lines

by | Jan 7, 2023

Delta Air Lines’ SkyBonus program is a business rewards program that allows small to mid-sized companies to earn points on flights booked with Delta and select partners. It operates in parallel to Delta SkyMiles so a company can earn points and be incentivized to book employees on Delta while employees simultaneously earns SkyMiles points for their flight.

Business Extra is a similar business rewards program offered by American Airlines.

Joining Delta SkyBonus

Enrollment is free. Companies only need to meet a couple simple basic requirements to participate:

  • Spend a minimum of $5,000 per year on Delta and/or its partners
  • Have at least five unique employees who travel with Delta every calendar year

Full terms and conditions can be reviewed here.

Companies can register for the SkyBonus program on Delta’s website by providing information about their business and a primary administrator. This includes the company name, country, federal tax ID or VAT number (if in the US or Canada), SkyMiles number, first and last name, phone number, email address, and a chosen username and password. The primary administrator’s information is needed to manage the company’s account and access all the benefits of the program, including redeeming points for rewards.

Earning SkyBonus Points

SkyBonus points are earned on top of the miles earned by individual travelers and can be redeemed for a variety of rewards including free flights, Delta Sky Club passes, and more. To earn points, companies must add their SkyBonus number to employee bookings. The number of points earned depends on the route, fare class, and carrier of the booked flight.

  • Flights to and from cities that are not Delta hubs earn up to 30 points per dollar spent on eligible fares.
  • Flights to and from Delta hubs (ATL, CVG, DTW, MSP, and SLC) have a lower earning rate.
  • Different earning tiers are based on fare class and carrier, with Level 1 fares (including Delta One, business class, and first class) earning the most points and Level 3 fares (including Delta’s Basic Economy fares) earning the least.

Points can also be earned on flights booked with select partners including Air France & KLM, Aeromexico, and Virgin Atlantic. However, the earning rate for these flights varies based on the fare class and carrier.

Full SkyBonus earning details are copied below from the SkyBonus website.

It´s easy – Enroll. Buy a Ticket. Fly. Earn Points. Enjoy Rewards.

SkyBonus turns your travel budget into travel rewards by converting the dollars you spend with Delta and our partners into points. Make sure your company’s SkyBonus ID is provided when you purchase tickets and you’ll earn points when the following criteria are met:

  • Tickets purchased worldwide with Delta Air Lines (ticket numbers beginning in 006)
    • Tickets issued or originating outside North America must be issued on DL 006 for flights marketed and operated by Delta
  • Tickets purchased in North America with select partners:
    • Air France (ticket numbers beginning in 057), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (074) and Virgin Atlantic (932) tickets must be issued and originate in North America and contain a Transatlantic flight segment
    • Aeromexico tickets (beginning in 139) must be issued and originate in North America, for nonstop travel between the United States and Mexico, for flights completed on or after October 1, 2017
  • Flights operated by SkyTeam®  partners and other codeshare partner airlines also earn when:
    • Tickets are issued by Delta (006)
    • Flights are marketed by Delta (DL flight number)

Earn up to 30 points per US dollar spent on eligible flights:

 Level 1Level 2Level 3
Travel to/from ATL, CVG, DTW, MSP, SLC1031
All other  origins/destinations3063

Level 1 defined as Delta-marketed fare classes: F, P, A, G, J, C, D, I, Z, W*, Y and B; Air France-marketed fare classes: P, F, J, C, D, I, Z, W, S, A, Y and B; KLM-marketed fare classes: J, C, D, I, Z, X, Y and B; Aeromexico-marketed fare classes: J, C, D, I, Y and B; Virgin Atlantic – marketed fare classes: J, C, D, I, Z, W, S, H, K, V, Y, B

Level 2 defined as Delta-marketed fare classes: S, W*, M, H, Q, K, L, U and T; Air France-marketed fare classes: M, U, K, H, L, Q, T** and N; KLM-marketed fare classes: M, U, K, H, L, Q, T** and N; Aeromexico-marketed fare classes: M, U, K, H, L, Q and T;  Virgin Atlantic – marketed fare classes: R, L, U, M, E, Q, X.

Level 3 defined as Delta-marketed fare classes: X, V and E; Air France-marketed fare classes: R, V and T**; KLM-marketed fare classes: R, V and T**; Aeromexico-marketed fare classes E, N, R, V and W*;   Virgin Atlantic – marketed fare classes: N, O, T.

*Point accrual for Delta marketed flights operated by one of our airline partners booked in W fare class will qualify as Level 1 point accrual. Point accrual for Delta marketed and operated flights booked in W fare class will qualify as Level 2 point accrual.  Aeromexico Plus fares will qualify for Level 2 point accrual, while other Aeromexico marketed flights in W class will qualify for Level 3 point accrual.

**Point accrual for Air France and KLM marketed flights booked in T fare class will qualify as Level 2 point accrual, unless purchased as a Basic Economy Light fare product. Basic Economy Light fares will qualify as Level 3 point accrual.

Redeeming SkyBonus Points

Delta added the ability to redeem SkyBonus points for eCredits, which can be used for any passenger on virtually any Delta ticket in March 2022. Redemptions start at 7,500 SkyBonus points for a $25 credit. This is a flexible redemption option for companies looking to use their SkyBonus points.

In addition to free flights, SkyBonus points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards including Delta Sky Club passes, Delta SkyMiles American Express card statement credits, Delta Vacations packages, and more. The number of points required for these redemptions varies based on the reward, with some requiring as few as 7,500 points and others requiring millions of points.

Here’s a list of ways (provided by Delta) to redeem SkyBonus points:

Delta SkyBonus redemption options - SkyBonus

SkyBonus Elite Status

Delta also offers a SkyBonus Elite tier to reward its most active companies.

To achieve SkyBonus Elite status, companies must earn 2,000,000 SkyBonus points in a calendar year. This is equivalent to approximately $67,000 in expenditures on “Level 1” non-restricted hub flights. SkyBonus Elite companies receive an additional 10% bonus on top of their normal points accumulation, giving them a significant advantage in earning rewards.

In addition to the increased points earning rate, SkyBonus Elite companies also enjoy priority access to representatives to help manage their accounts, as well as detailed quarterly Sky Partner reports that provide insights into their travel budgets. They also have access to SkyBonus Elite flight certificate rewards, which provide further enhanced availability for redemptions.

The SkyBonus Elite tier is designed to reward Delta’s most active small-business clients and provide them with the best service and options available.

Bottom line

Delta SkyBonus program is a valuable rewards program for small to mid-sized companies to earn rewards on business travel. With the ability to earn points on Delta and partner flights, and a variety of redemption options, companies can take advantage of the program to reward their employees or themselves.

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