United Airlines Introduces Whispering Angel Rosé Onboard

by | Mar 23, 2023

There’s a new addition to United Airlines’ wine collection in Polaris Business Class, and it’s one many passengers will be happy about…

Whispering Angel: A Popular Rose

United Airlines is expanding its wine selection in Polaris Business Class by adding Château d’Esclans’ popular Whispering Angel Rosé to the onboard menu.

The rise of rosé wine’s popularity has been nothing short of remarkable, with Château d’Esclans’ Whispering Angel Rosé leading the charge. This Provencal wine has been a driving force behind the “rosé revolution” and become a favorite among rosé enthusiasts, with sales up by 30% between 2021 and 2022.

As the top-selling French wine in the U.S., it’s likely to be a hit with Polaris passengers. This rosé is available on all flights in Polaris Business Class, United’s longhaul business class product.

United Polaris Experience Upgrades

Introducing Whispering Angel Rosé is the latest upgrade to the customer experience on United Polaris. After pandemic cutbacks, the airline is again investing in offering competitive catering. Alongside the rosé, passengers can choose from a rotating menu of curated wines, cheese plates, and ice cream sundaes.

Of course, United is not the only angel offering Whispering Angel to passengers. British Airways serves the Château d’Esclans wine to business and first-class passengers traveling through London Heathrow in both its Galleries and First lounges.

In conclusion

United Airlines’ decision to add Whispering Angel Rosé to its Polaris Business Class wine selection signifies its dedication to providing an exceptional in-flight experience for its passengers. By offering this popular wine, United gives itself a point of differentiation from its competitors… at least for passengers for whom rosé might be a deciding factor.

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